What are the world's most pressing problems?

Every day governments, foundations, and individuals need to make hard choices about what to prioritise. Limited resources must be wisely split between worthwhile causes. But prioritising requires sophisticated methods, especially when it involves uncertainty, ambiguity, and many different contexts.

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Prioritisation research

We carry out original research addressing questions like "How do we estimate the value of extra work on a problem of unknown difficulty?" or "Should we spend on social programmes now, or invest to spend later?"

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Policy research

Where our prioritisation research highlights a promising area for policy work, we produce detailed policy papers. Our work on Unprecedented Technological Risks has been included in the Government Chief Science Adviser's annual report.

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If you are interested in making use of our research or collaborating, don't hesitate to contact us.

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Bringing the best research to bear

At the Global Priorities Project we bring the best research to bear on the problem of prioritisation. Our researchers, based at the University of Oxford, apply techniques from a range of disciplines to offer guidance to organisations and individuals.