Presentation: Effective Altruism in Policy

On the 25th of February, Sebastian Farquhar spoke at the Cabinet Office on Effective Altruism and Policy. It led to a thought-provoking discussion.

The slides are made available here for those with an interest. Please feel free to get in touch or comment below if you have any thoughts.

2016-02-25 Presentation at Cabinet Office vw

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  1. I am very pleased that you managed to arranged such an auspicious briefing, congratulations.

    I remain interested in sharing ideas eventually, but I need a home institution before I can get much done.

    Briefly, though, my analysis is that risky biotechnology research makes a European-Wide Biosurveillance system and an assortment of other biodefense countermeasures cost-effective.

    Consider advocating for those over liability laws. Biosecurity is a greater challenge than biosafety.

    Best wishes.

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