Presentation: Effective Altruism in Policy

On the 25th of February, Sebastian Farquhar spoke at the Cabinet Office on Effective Altruism and Policy. It led to a thought-provoking discussion. The slides are made available here for those with an interest. Please feel free to get in touch or comment below if you have any thoughts. 2016-02-25 Presentation at Cabinet Office vw

Seminar series: Big Picture Thinking

On long timescales, where is humanity headed? What are the big uncertainties? What does that mean for decisions today? In this series of lectures, led by Dr. Owen Cotton-Barratt, we will tackle these issues, and explore the questions that feed into them. Many are multidisciplinary, and progress often draws on knowledge and tools from economics […]

An update on the Global Priorities Project

The purpose of this post is to let people know a bit more about what we’ve been doing and what we hope to do. Please let us know what questions you have that we don’t answer below!  Activities The Global Priorities Project (GPP) was created in order to pursue a wide range of low-hanging fruit. […]

We are hiring

The Global Priorities Project is currently looking for a Director of Policy and multiple Research Fellows. In addition, CEA is looking for many other roles including an Effective Altruism Strategy Fellow. You can find more details and specific job descriptions here. Applications are due by the 18th of October.

Unprecedented Technological Risks policy paper

Global Priorities Project is looking for an intern for Summer 2015

The Global Priorities Project is looking for an intern to support work in either a research or a policy capacity, depending on the skills of the successful candidate. The two roles being considered are: Cause prioritisation research intern The successful candidate will work alongside Owen Cotton-Barratt to develop an aspect of our programme of cause […]

Update: Gain-of-function strategy meeting in Washington

Owen Cotton-Barratt was recently invited to a high-level strategy meeting on ‘gain-of-function’ research in virology in which he participated this Monday, hosted in Washington, DC, under the Chatham House Rule. The strategy meeting was designed to inform the US government response to gain-of-function research – in which viruses are engineered to have increased pathogenicity or […]

Photo by Marcus Spiske

AMA on the Effective Altruism Forum Tuesday 17th of March at 8pm

Sebastian Farquhar On Tuesday, Owen and I will be taking questions at the Effective Altruism Forum. We’re excited about this opportunity to share our work so far, our latest plans, and our research and for us to get input from the EA community. You can find details of the AMA, as posted by Ryan Carey, […]